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From our flagship SRx Thrive to our Sulfur Bentonite, Flowable Sulfur, and 99.9% Sulfur products, SRx has the right sulfur prescription for your fields.

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SRX Thrive
Shell Thiogro License

Sustainable Science by Shell

75% Elemental Sulfur 11% Nitrogen as Urea

A Healthier and Effective Alternative to AMS

Give your crops the right nutrients at the right time. SRx Thrive provides enhanced sulfur availability through the full crop lifecycle—with reduced risk of leaching losses—increasing production of nutrient-rich crops. Its low salt index means you can apply in spring or fall with seed. Lower application rate, salt index of 17.8, and decrease leaching compared to ammonium sulphate means healthier soil and increased yields for years to come.

SRx Thrive makes fertilizer easier. With 1/3 the product as AMS, you get more efficient results, along with simpler ordering and storage. In the fields, uniform size means uniform application and low dust makes it suitable for blending. Plus safety testing has shown the product is self-extinguishing for added peace of mind.

Our 11-0-0-75 formulation is a first in North America. Partnering with Shell, SRx Thrive uses modern science to get the most out of sulfur. You get all the benefits of a specialty fertilizer—without a premium price.

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75% Elemental Sulfur • 11% Nitrogen as Urea
SRX 90
SRX 85
Sulfur Bentonite

Get the benefits of sulfur faster.

Sulfur is an important nutrient to improve crop production. It helps grow more nutrient-rich crops and reduces the PH of alkaline soil to improve absorption of other plant nutrients. But pure elemental sulfur tends to have a large particle size that can take years to break down and offer these benefits.

Sulfur Bentonite introduces bentonite clay, which swells greatly with moisture, breaking up the sulfur into very small particles. Smaller particles mean faster oxidization into sulfate that your crops can put to use. Typical conversion would be 2+ years with most of the conversion happening in the first year.

SRx offers two products using OMRI certified organic sulfur. SRx85 contains 85% elemental sulfur, while SRx90 has 90% elemental sulfur.

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Sulfur Bentonite
SRX Flowable Sulfur

Sulfur you can spray.

Flowable sulfur is made of micronized sulfur particles suspended in liquid, conveniently sprayable for both agricultural and industrial applications. It offers excellent coverage for effective results, without any irritating dust. Plus you get the dual benefit of nutrients for plant growth, along with fungus and insect control.

SRxFlo70 has 70% sulfur.

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Flowable Sulfur
SRX 99

Pure Elemental Sulfur

Our dust-free, uniform size pastilles offer exceptional handling and safety. With 99.9% sulfur purity, this product is perfect for agricultural and industrial use in sulfur burners.

Industrial applications include:

  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining
  • Steelmaking
  • Malting
  • Power plants
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • And more

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